Green Gryffin Inn


A relatively large establishment, the Green Gryffin Inn was one of the primary centers of information and society in Vew. It is the region’s sole brewery, and the number of supply caravans passing through Vew have created quite the distribution network for Gamin, the owner of the Green Gryffin Inn.

Owner: Gamin

Gamin is a quiet dwarf, who prefers bookkeeping and brewing to conversation. He will only rarely be found in the common area of the inn, when he is short help or when there is a disturbance. He is rumored to have been former military, and a fighter of some great renown.



A typical night’s stay in the Green Gryffin will cost 10cp. This includes room and board for one night, and includes stabling of any mounts and all wagons, etc. Lodging is in a common room, and the only meal provided is supper. Gamin employs both stablehands and a skilled farrier. The Farrier is at the Gryffin until sundown, and checks all stabled horses upon arrival, providing a detailed list of concerns to any lodger who wants it. This service, alone, sets the Gryffin apart from most other inns. It also provides the basis for the Gryffin’s relatively high price.


Meals can be obtained apart from lodging, and typically cost 4cp. Prices may change, depending on scarcity of ingredients, etc.


Green Gryffin Inn

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