The Young Kingdoms

The Young Kingdoms is a group of independently-ruled political entities, which have been a part of several kingdoms in the past.

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Originally, it was inhabited by many Dejy tribes. Eventually, King Andovel of Brandobia to the west of the Legasa Peaks began to fear the ambition of his nephew, Voleln I. His solution was to grant these lands, considered a wasteland, to Voleln if he could conquer them. Conquer them he did, but within 3 generations, the lands of Eastern Brandobia were being claimed by the Kingdom of Kalamar to the southeast, the finalization of which was quickly made evident by the death of Voleln III.

Kalamar recognized the difficulty of ruling such a large empire from afar and broke the entity up into several duchies which were able to rule themselves. Eventually, each of these duchies declared independence from Kalamar. P’Bapar was the first.

The Young Kingdoms

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