P’Bapar Quick Stats
Type of Government: City-State
Current Ruler: Archduke E’Dos Kalanasi II
Capitol: City of P’Bapar (pop. 73,100)
Total Population: 228,000
Racial Makeup: Well-mixed. Humans in the majority (Brandobian, Kalamaran, and Dejy).

At a Glance

Ever since it became the first nation to successfully declare independence, P’Bapar has been seen as something of a leader among the Young Kingdoms (a group of free states formerly under the yoke of the Kalamaran Empire). P’Bapar’s status as the largest independent city-state on Tellene is a source of great pride for the citizenry.

Archduke E’Dos does not readily meddle in the affairs of his vassals, which implies that every lord shoulders a great deal of authority and responsibility.

P’Bapar is a rich country. The great variety of wealth to be found in the Legasa Peaks to the west more than compensates for the scarcity of rich farmlands near the eastern slopes of the Elenon Mountains. The Elenons hold a great supply of gold, emeralds, topaz, amethyst and tourmaline. The farmlands and ranches east of the Banader River produce wool and vellum.

Most of this wealth flows down river to sell at Daresido, Korem, Bet Kasel, and Baneta, or back up the Renador to Kalaleta and the many small villages near the river.

Besides its tremendous exports, P’Bapar is the sole route for trade between the two sides of the Legasa Peaks via Coniper Gap. Goods travel overland through the gap and into Cosdol, bound mostly for Cosolen and the villages along the Voldor Bay.


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