Campaign Setting

The setting we will be using for CF2.0 is the Kingdoms of Kalamar. This is the standard setting for Hackmaster, and is one of the most fleshed-out campaign settings ever released, IMO. It’s been around since at least the early 90’s, and quite possibly the 80’s; well before Hackmaster was conceived.

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We will be starting in a small area called P’Bapar. P’Bapar is an independent City State of a larger geographical area called The Young Kingdoms, which is really a sort of loose conglomeration of independent governments who used to be part of the Kalamaran Empire. You should be able to right-click the above images and click “Open in New Tab” or “View Image” to see larger versions of these files.

I am going to keep the information about the broader world coming in trickles, as your characters will have grown up in or around P’Bapar. The history of the world is not something that most commoners would have access to. History for commoners is primarily legends and myths wrapped up with oral tradition.

Basic history of the Young Kingdoms

Present Year: 563 Imperial Reckoning (IR)

In -40 IR, the Young Kingdoms were known as Eastern Brandobia, and were granted to Voleln I if he could conquer them from the native Dejy tribes. He did, but 80 years later, it was conquered from Voleln III by Fulakar the Conqueror of the Kalamaran Empire. A generation later, Emperor Kolokar divided these lands into separate kingdoms and duchies.

One of these entities, known as P’Bapar, declared independence from Kalamar in 329 IR. It has been independently governed since that time.

Campaign Setting

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