A new legend begins…

A group of young people meet at the Green Gryffin Inn in the village of Vew. It is a humble beginning, but the ramifications of this day will echo through the corridors of Tellene history.

Currently Working On…

  • Finishing up the in-game campaign calendar – Looking to get important days for each month into the calendar, such as holy days, etc.
  • Need to add an overview page to Frandor’s Keep.
  • Need to add an introductory Adventure Log for the intro to the campaign, removing the placeholder page they have on there.

Players’ To-Do List

  • Obtain and review a copy of Hackmaster Basic (HMB) at minimum. (You may purchase Hackmaster Basic PLUS PDF or the Player’s Handbook (PHB) (PDF or hard copy) at your discretion. Until 4/10, there is a GREAT deal on the PHB PDF along with some other books and player’s aids at Bundle of Holding.
  • Work with me to figure out a time to roll up your character. It can take an hour or more, and can definitely be done in a group. The basic process is outlined in all the various versions of the player’s manuals, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  • Obtain a set of dice. They’re inexpensive online, or you can contact me, and I could probably provide you a set. (While supplies last.) You will need at minimum: d4, d6, d8, d12, d%%, d20. (Note that the d%% dice are 2 d10’s meant to give you percentage rolls.)


Catastrophic Fumble 2.0